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This project is bringing together 18 international scholars specialized on urban issues in Brazil or Indian fields. It aims at understanding the social and territorial dynamics occurring in slums concerned by specific public policies in the four megapolises of Mumbai, Delhi, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. A twofold focus addresses the definition and impact of the public policies on slums, and the environmental issues raised by the increasing number of slums in peripheries, particularly in protected natural areas. Three approaches are to be privileged: social, juridical and territorial. The original methodology is based on field investigations, conducted by teams of specialists from India and Brazil with crisscrossed fieldworks. This project is funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) (209 000 €) and runs from Nov. 2006 to Nov. 2009.

Background and Aims

The urban structure in both India and Brazil consists of several dominant mega cities (São Paulo, Mumbai, Rio, Delhi…), each having a population of more than 11 millions.
The recent process of economic restructuring and urbanization are accentuating social fragmentation in these two emerging countries. The urban population in both countries faces similar challenges, namely the growth of shantytowns called slums in India and favelas in Brazil, spatial disjunction, socially contrasted (...)

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Project Description & Methodology

Two issues constitute the core of this project:
How poor urban areas “work” in contexts of social exclusion, urban splintering and globalization?
What are the inter-relationships linking the urban and peri-urban environment with poverty?
These issues are addressed through case studies, to be undertaken by specialized teams working in coordination:
THE “SLUM” TEAM: Public policies regarding urban poverty for the “treatment” of slums in Mumbai, São Paulo, Delhi and Rio. Three approaches, namely (...)

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Expected Results

In addition to the systematic development of the concepts used and problems under study, which will be discussed in two national workshops (to be conducted in India and in Brazil) during the first phase, we propose to review the conclusions in an other national workshop to be held during the second phase, before a final international conference. Several articles shall be published in English (working language), Portuguese and/or French as well as at least two collective volumes in English (...)

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March: Deadline for concept notes and book reviews
March-October: National Fieldworks (FW1)
31 October: National workshops in Delhi & Sao Paulo
November-December: Comparative Fieldworks
January to August: Comparative Fieldworks (FW2)
29-30 August : International Seminar in Sao Paulo
September-December: Fieldworks (FW3)
January-October: Fieldworks (FW3)
October: International Seminar in Paris
November: General Report of the SETUP (...)

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Social Exclusion, Territories and Urban Policies
A Comparison Between India and Brazil

A Research Programme funded by ANR
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