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Project Description & Methodology

Two issues constitute the core of this project:
- How poor urban areas “work” in contexts of social exclusion, urban splintering and globalization?
- What are the inter-relationships linking the urban and peri-urban environment with poverty?

These issues are addressed through case studies, to be undertaken by specialized teams working in coordination:

- THE “SLUM” TEAM: Public policies regarding urban poverty for the “treatment” of slums in Mumbai, São Paulo, Delhi and Rio. Three approaches, namely territorial, socio-political and legal, are adopted simultaneously, in the way to understand the complexity of processes that are characterizing the slums concerned by public policies.

- THE “FOREST” TEAM: Policies linking access to housing, poverty and conservation of the peri urban forest in São Paulo and Mumbai. This team focuses on social measures aimed at providing housing for the poorest sections along with ecological measures intended to protect the biodiversity reserves necessary for urban metabolism.

A comparative study makes it possible to move from the singular to the universal by using a generalizing approach.

An international interdisciplinary team of researchers has been set up to investigate through a diversity of approaches and data-processing methods: qualitative field studies, collection of statistics, processing of satellite imagery, use and production of maps and analysis of the corpus of laws.

Fieldwork are conducted by binomials, i.e. by small teams consisting of specialists from India and Brazil working simultaneously in the two geographical areas.

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